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Each day…a new canvas

Each day...
A new canvas
Unfolding before our very eyes
Eager to receive the colors of our dreams.

Oceans of love come to life
From the blue of your eyes
As an offering...
An offering of open spaces
Where souls revel in grace.

Guided by your soul
Delicate fingers
Paint beautiful
Days of wonders.

And from you heart
Shades of white
Are drawing the stars
Shining on my nights.

We hold every day
To create our existence.
We hold colors and clay
To manifest magnificence.

Each day...
A new canvas
So tell me, my love
What shall we dream of?


Sylvie Ying
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Big Grin
Soooooo Beauty-full!
Being an artist/hobbist, I LOVE all creative
endeavors. It's is wonderful to 'see' all
of God's creation and to absorb the joy it
exudes. I always feel that I have God's
rainbow in my hands when I paint/create.
Such a joy! Thank you for this poem.
Blessings be...



We are living Miracles....
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