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From "HELLO" magazine.

I have this topic under funny animals, but I thought it deserves its own post.

Puppy painter Arbor is a very clever little dog.He was adopted from a Las Vegas animal shelter. He has impressed his new owners with a flair for painting.

With just a little encouragement Arbor has taken to creating abstracts that have fetched more than $400 apiece.

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It looks like this creative dog really enjoys being a painter! Wow, I love his paintings and I can understand people who want to honor his art by buying it. Bravo, bravissimo!

I enjoyed this post very much. Thank you, dear Inda.

The animal world is so full of surprises. They no doubt have a wonderful sense of beauty. They all do amazing things and I guess they also love to imitate their human companions and try out their own creative activities.


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