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Do you hear?

Do you hear the rain
sobbing in the fall
towards the branches
of welcoming trees?

Themes of love,
of longing and pain
are suspended there,
like clinging tears.

Secrets are shared
in soft collisions,
blessings from heaven
crystallise within my eyes.

The tree calls me
in supple tones
played by the wind,
I answer with my own song.

Spheres of light
flashing in rapid succession,
dance in ancient rhythm
through our shared space.

Urged by the night
I follow Nature’s breath,
its sounds fill my heart
in harmonious concert.

Dawn finds me stretching
into millions of sparks,
sun kissed raindrops
reverberate on my skin.

The tree’s friendly branches
transform into your arms,
tears are dried in the warmth
of our undying love.

Unafraid we move together
through showers of rain,
to share again in the light
and in the glory of a new day.

Do you hear?

Love, Margherita 2Hearts


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Hear Here! he he.. RaisedBrows
Spheres of light
flashing in rapid succession,
dance in ancient rhythm
through our shared space.

that little part there could be the byline for Givnology!

Clap Another masterful masterpiece of mastery maestra Margherita!!! Clap

You have a world, and a loving one of that, of emotions and visions in your magical words. Wizard

And you are an angel to continue to bless us with your poems! Angel

Love and light being, Teo Love2 Ladysman InLove 2Hearts CoolDance CoolDance

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

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