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May you find yourself in the world…and may you enjoy the company!
Our touch has a memory...deeper
than we know.

Perhaps once you were the
wind. And I...a single
blade of grass -
Left swaying in the wake
of your caress.

Or perhaps I was the
ocean. And were the
shore -
So patient to the rise
and fall of my desire.

We have lived this touch

Perhaps you were a summer storm...passing
briefly in the night.
Perhaps I was the arid ground...pulling
close your every drop.

Or perhaps I was an autumn leaf...left
clinging for a moment longer on
the reaches of your branch.

Perhaps you whispered to me..."let go...let go
we will know this touch again."

And now...we find ourselves

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Now I'm feeling touched.

Dear Eric, you are the beauty that this board joyfully carries in it's breeze.

It is always a joy to read your magical poems.

They help the mind to expand, have different awareness, but the expanding is done simply by spiritual awakeness and deep love.

Such magical mystical tools you share! I'm enjoying thinking about all the simple touches, "deper than we know," that connect us. Aaahhh. You touched a button, and I remember the joy of this connectedness. mmmmm..

Lovebeams, Teo Wink

You can't force peace, only show it.
Thank you Guys for your sweet replies!

Recently my newest book was reviewed by an friend who asked me why the poems are all the same. Too much "melting, and moons, and oceans and tides". On several other sites I have been labled "romantic".
Of course all of this is true...and yet it's not. hit the nail on the head - There is a touch "deeper than we know" that connects us all. Thats romance....Divenly so.

While I am nourished
with your message of love
I am lifted out
of the known
to get a glimpse
of the unknown,
of the depth
our mind can
hardly conceive,
but with which
our souls
are familiar.
I remember moments
beyond time ...
a quick soft flash
like a butterfly's
touch of wings ...
in awe I sigh!

Thank you Poet of my heart.
I love you. Margherita Smile

A touch of love ...

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