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May you find yourself in the world…and may you enjoy the company!

Dear tammy was 97 years old and passed away in the company of her family. She was a truly great lady. She came through the 2nd world war, worked in New Guinea, Australia and finally came to Canada. 

May her spirit be at peace.

Dear Departed Margherita's poem will do justice:

Beloved Archangel Michael, bringer of Light!

You flash your sword of light early in the morn
to give the world your caress of benevolence
blessing all the creatures that breathe in God.
Even the blades of grass hold still to your touch
so that each dewdrop is given its moment of glory,
reverberating the sparks of your divine essence
all over the martyred saint’s skin of Mother Earth
and high up into its injured wrap of atmosphere.

The individual human heart is your favorite target,
to elicit the tunes of love embedded since forever
within the secret folds of its inner virgin gardens.
You place your wisdom flashes into blank minds,
which stray unaware through the heavy mists of life,
waiting for divine enlightenment to open their eyes.
You gift us with a higher consciousness of Love,
sharing divine revelations of overwhelming beauty.

With you at our side we learn to use our own wings
to soar in joy high up over the heavenly prairies,
where angelic legions are carrying out your orders
to create the premises of a new venue for our souls,
where we shall be able to learn the basics of harmony.
In the shower of your light we shall gather in gratitude
for providing us with the wealth of divine truth
and the essentials for the creation of a new dawn.

Beloved Archangel Michael, defeater of the night,
touch every single heart with your sword of light!



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I also remember tammy. She was such a lovely lady.

May she rest in peace.

Sending love.

Here is another dear departed Margherita's poem just for the spirit of Tammy:

A soft sweet voice from deep within
filters through a myriad of sounds.
A tune so new and still so familiar
expands and fills me to
the very edge of my perception,
until I become the Tune.

I am the Tune.

I close my eyes, surrendering in joy.
A golden pattern of rays
pulls me back with unknown speed
to the forever yearned for
Source of the Light.
I gasp, I am the Light.

I am the Tune, I am the Light.

I am aware of my whole spectrum
of infinite colors and
I travel on my greatest desire,
in a moment I’m just everywhere.
My particles of Light touch all Life.
And I pause in awe, I am Life.

I am the Tune, I am the Light, I am Life.

My silent steps trace my story on
a luminous white Path.
In the arms of Love I dance
through many Arcs of beauty
and ecstasy explodes in my soul,
for I have touched upon
the very core of existence, Love.
I am Love.

I’m the Tune, I’m the Light, I’m Life,

I open my eyes into the Sun,
who just smiles her knowing smile.
… And my soul smiles back.

Love, Margherita

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