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Givnology Wellness Arts
May you find yourself in the world…and may you enjoy the company!

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gnam gnam .... good god it's just dessert time here .... Inda dear you can't do that to me .... I must keep in check my weight!!!
What could I ever bring in that could match the marvellous cakes you offer????
I'll bring just good spirits (and maybe some liquid spirits??).... every other thing would be pale in comparison to what you display here ...
Hugs to all. Margherita Cool Smile Razz

On a dolphin’s back
I ride my ocean of tears
she giggles me through

senryu by Margherita
Dear Sylvie and Margherita,

I am sooooo happy to see you both here Smile Big Grin
Any food is great, but I think we may have enough for the moment. The chef is actually baking more, in case we run short.
I just thought we might need some more beautiful lights, so I borrowed some from the american painter, John Singer SARGENT


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