Cat Yoga!

Yoga For Cats


Goddess (and sometimes Devil) we have been since the dawn of time.

In the valley of the Nile, as Bast, we foretold the future and decided the fate of nations. In caskets of gold, in tombs of old, our linen-shrouded bodies awaited the gods.

In China, as Li Chou, we guarded the fertility of the land and people, presiding over the orgies of the harvest festivals.

In Rome, as Diana the Huntress, we inspired our people to conquest.

As Hecate, Queen of Night, as Satan's messenger, as Salem's familiar, friend of witches, partner in spells, we suffered, burned, screamed and died.

Yet we survive, I and my race. And again we will rise as goddesses, to save mankind from its own iniquity.

But first, we must be strong. We must rebuild our flexibility, our fitness, our inner strength, depleted by generations of apartment dwelling, canned cat food and flea collars with rhinestones and bells.

To the ancient disciplines of Yoga we must apply ourselves, readying our bodies and preparing our minds to regain our rightful roles as guardians of serenity and purveyors of peace.

Arise, fellow cats. The moment has arrived. Follow me through the time-honored exercises of mind and matter so richly set forth herein.

Reach outward. Look inward. Meditate....and wait!

Talia Katasanda, Guru
Felis Domestica.
Ashram Felinity, 2003.


ISBN: 0-920403-14-X

Reproduced without permission, but hopefully "fair use" applies since this is only for education (of kitties)!

I, musician cool cat that I am Cool Cat say that this is "Simply Purr-fect!"

Love and lightness, Teo Kiss Kiss

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

Original Post
How delightful, dear Teo.
On your other thread about Cat Yoga I posted two pictures of Zelda as a grown up lady cat! Well, no she is not in yoga position, but I will try to capture her when she is stretching and doing acrobatics ....
Dear Inda, are you sure doggy is safe in here? Well he is peaceful you say ... and peace he will receive!

With greetings from Rome ...
Love, Margherita Cat Cat Cat Wave2

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