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May you find yourself in the world…and may you enjoy the company!
Basking in your sun

Traveling…within my own heart
Lead me to find…One
One to be
One to love

On the golden paths
Of immortality
I met you
Once again,
Your so sweet voice
Embracing my soul
Once again.
As I lay in the sand
I let myself bask tenderly
Into the sunny you
I remember quite vividly
That I have
Always loved you

Leaping…with you in embrace
I let go of me
And become one…
One to love

For just a moment
A brief holy instant
We melt
Once again,
Becoming all
Once again,
Stars and moons
Dancing within
We let ourselves bask suddenly
Into the simple truth
That remembrance brings vividly
We have always been
The Love that shines through


Sylvie Ying
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