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May you find yourself in the world…and may you enjoy the company!
I am glad AstralTraveler showed up on the discussions. I loved his site's graphics and message. Try: and both have great FLASH animated intros!

Loving this opportunity to share.. Love life n light, Teo Wink

Captain 7 Sees on the good ship Bun Ease! Love life n light!
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Thank you for posting these awsome sites.
They truly are wondrous and beautiful.

As science explains more of the intriguing mysteries of life and the universe, its realms expand into those areas which previously were either unknown or accepted solely by faith...Man is the observer of the universe, the experimenter, the searcher for truth, but he is not spectator alone. He is a participant in the continuing process of creation. He is the highest product of that creation.

~Wernher Von Braun
All Believers are Brothers

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