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Reply to "Zen or Mahayana Buddhism asserts that enlightenment can be attained through meditation, self-contemplation, and intuition rather than through faith and devotion and that is practiced mainly in China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam"

Dearestestest friends, I'm so glad you liked this post and what wonderful replies! I realized while looking for something completely else that I had this writing on Zen, I'll paste it below.

Love, peace and chicken grease,


          Thirty minutes to enlightenment
          the demystification of zen
          a definitive guide to the realization of nirvana.
          a post cultural, post existential, zen encounter.
     the  following zen encounter has been written to enlighten you to
The cause of human suffering and conflict and will explain how you can
Eliminate that cause from the mind.
          chapter contents
(1)  the tao
(2)  zen
(3)  enlightenment and satori
(4)  nirvana
(5)  the cause of human suffering and conflict
(6)  the ego and super-ego
(7)  sensual perception
(8)  love and hate
(9)  the centered mind
(10) freedom from desire
(11) the book of genesis
(12) the christ spirit within
(13) the four noble truths
(14) the aquarian age and the biblical millennium
(15) perfect-less-ness
(16) therefore
(17) in conclusion
          the "tao"
     the  chinese word tao is used in an attempt to identify  by  name
That  nameless  energy-substance  we call  physical  and  non-physical
Reality in all of its manifestations, both known and unknown.
     that   which  we  call  the  tao  exists  with  or  without   our
Experiential  perception,  affirmation  or negation of it  and  exists
Aside from any conceptual vocabulary describing it.
     separated mentally from it,  we call it the tao, eden or reality.
Reunited with it, there is no need.
     the way to being psychologically at one with the tao can be known
And stated.  The tao itself can only be experienced.
     the  way for the mind to be once again at one with the tao is not
Difficult.  Only our lack of desire for the truth concerning the cause
Of  human suffering and conflict and how to eliminate that cause  from
The mind, keeps us from it.
     those who know the way, point directly to the truth of the matter
And do so namelessly.
     it must first be understood that zen is a means to  psychological
Transformation and not a religion.
     zen is the teaching that identifies and eliminates the "gateless"
Gates that psychologically exist between the schizophrenic,  cultural-
Existential  mind,  and  a state of mind at one with the  tao,  called
     zen does not represent nirvana,  nor the tao,  but represents the
Means  to  be at one with those ends.   Zen is the method  of  travel,
Nirvana the destination.
     zen  consists  of  two  parts.    They  are  "enlightenment"  and
"satori",   enlightenment  being  the  necessary  ingredient  for  the
Realization of satori.   If there is no enlightenment, there can be no
Satori and consequently no nirvana.
          enlightenment and satori
     the  word "enlightenment",  as used in this text,  is to know  of
Human suffering and conflict,  to know its cause, and how to eliminate
That cause from the mind.
     the  word  "satori,   as  used,   is  the  consequence  of   this
Enlightenment  and is our affirmative commitment to eliminate from the
Mind,  the cause of confusion,  conflict and insanity, once known, and
The relative time necessary to do so.
     if  the reason for committing ourselves to eliminating the  cause
Of  suffering from the mind is out of compassion for our own suffering
Or  for our own gains,  we will experience a pseudo-satori,  which  is
Pretentious and no satori at all.  If the reason for our commitment is
Out of compassion for all suffering, of which our own suffering is but
A part, and for no personal gains, our satori is.
     "eliminating  the cause of suffering and conflict from the  mind"
Is accomplished the same way we would eliminate any unwanted  habitual
Activity.   When  the  habitual response occurs,  we  must  discipline
Ourselves  to  correct that response each time it  happens.   In  time
There will be no habit to correct.
     it  must be understood by all involved in zen,  that satori is  a
Private,  personal  matter and must remain so.   Satori must never  be
Bragged about or demanded of others.   Your satori,  or lack of it, is
No ones business.
     nirvana is a state of mind free of the causes of human  suffering
And conflict,  is the consequence of enlightenment and satori,  and is
Mind at one with the tao.  Nirvana is mind unencumbered by evaluation,
Comparison  and discrimination.   It is a mind peacefully at one  with
All  things.   This non-judgemental mind is one of sensual  experience
Of, and spontaneous participation in the tao.
          the cause of human suffering and conflict
     the  cause  of human suffering and conflict is our commitment  to
The illusions we call values, morals and ethics.
     values,  morals and ethics do not exist outside of our  cultural-
Existential  minds.   They do not exist in reality and are therefore a
Figment of our culturally and existentially indoctrinated imagination.  
We  believe  or think values exist when in fact  they  do  not.   This
Describes the schizophrenic mind.  The schizophrenic mind is separated
From  reality  and  centered in unreality or what  psychologists  call
Fantasy,  believing  this fantasy to  be  real.   Cultural/existential
Humanity  exists entirely within the framework of illusionary  values,
Morals and ethics and is therefore absolutely schizophrenic.
     we are either affirmatively committed to the existence of values,
Morals and ethics or we are not.  If we are committed to the existence
Of  values,  morals and ethics,  we are schizophrenic and consequently
Insane.   If we are not committed to values,  morals and ethics,  then
Confusion,  conflict and insanity are not a part of our  psychological
Nature.   The  term insane is used to describe the personal and social
Actions of the schizophrenic personality.
     there  can  be no conflict without the values of right  or  wrong
Being offended or defended.
     there  can be no guilt or repression without the values of  right
Or wrong, good or bad having been applied.
     there  can be no psychological neurosis or psychosis without  the
Fears associated with the loss or gain of that valued.
     there  can be no anxiety without the anticipation or  expectation
Concerning future uncertainties about success or failure.
     there  can  be  no  frustration  without  a  desired  goal  being
     the  illusionary concepts of values,  morals and ethics exist  so
That  we  may judge,  separate and divide,  and then pit the one  side
Against the other.   This enables the persons involved to feel  either
Superior  or  inferior  as the case may be.   This is  the  underlying
Motivation for all cultural-existential activity.
     due   to  the  divisive  and  conflicting  nature   of   duality,
Cultural/existential  humanity  can  be described as  being  not  only
Sociopathic  (anti-social) in its attitude and response to  humankind,
But also psychopathic (aggressively anti-social) much of that time.
     since confusion, conflict and insanity are the consequence of our
Commitment to values,  morals and ethics,  and peace exists when there
Is  no confusion,  conflict or insanity present,  it can be  concluded
That  peace is the consequence of having no values,  no morals and  no
     if  values,  morals and ethics are the direct cause of all  human
Suffering  and conflict and do not exist in the tao/eden/reality,  and
If peace and sanity are to be realized, we must refuse to take part in
Their use.
          the ego and super-ego
     the  ego  is  defined as a primary state of  mind,  at  one  with
Reality,  having no conscience and is consciously aware of "i am"  and
"it is".
     the  "super-ego"  is a secondary state of mind,  not existing  at
Birth,  but originating at the moment of our affirmative commitment to
Values,   morals   and   ethics   and  only   then   after   intensive
Cultural/existential  indoctrination,  creates ego conscience,  and is
Mind  self-consciously  aware of "i am more or less than" and  "it  is
More or less than".
     the  "ego"  perceives  reality as it is.   The  super-ego  places
Values, morals and ethics on that perception.
     the  "super-ego" is the psychological judge,  jury and keeper  of
Prison of the cultural/existential mind.
     the  cultural  mind and the existential mind are both  rooted  in
Super-ego function,  stated by their values,  morals and ethics.   The
Difference  being,  the  cultural mind speaks of "our" values and  the
Existential mind speaks of "my" values.
     the  post cultural/existential,  reality centered mind speaks  of
"no" values.
     zen,  as  represented by enlightenment and satori,  is in  direct
Opposition of the fascistic/dictatorial control the super-ego has over
The mind of the individual and over the cultural pattern.
     zen,    as    presented,    is   the   mortal   enemy   of    the
Cultural/existential super-ego.
     zen,  is  the  mortal enemy of any  individual,  organization  or
Religion committed to the illusion that is values, morals or ethics.
     our  senses are perceiving reality with mindless perfection.   Do
Not  miss this sensual excitment by placing value,  moral  or  ethical
Mindfulness in the path of this non-dualistic experience.
     see with your eyes, not with your dualistic mind's eye.  When our
Illusionary dualistic mind enters, we no longer see things as they are
But  as our culturally and  existentially  indoctrinated,  prejudicial
Mind's eye would like them to be.
          love and hate
     love  and  hate  are the emotional,  mental/verbal  responses  to
Valuableness.    First  we value,  then we love or  hate  accordingly.  
Without  value there can be no love or hate.   No desire for  it.   No
Anxiety, frustration or anger because of it.
     love is inherently hateful.
     the reality centered mind is neither loving nor hateful but is to
The contrary, compassionately understanding of and towards all things.
          the centered mind
    being neither for this nor against that, the buddha/christ/reality
Mind is absolutely centered and being no longer innocent to the  cause
Of human suffering and conflict, cannot be taken from that center.
     the illusionary, dualistic, valuistic, cultural/existential mind,
Being  for  this  and against that,  is absolutely off center  at  all
     since  the  cultural/existential mind is off  center,  the  body,
Consequently,  is also off center.   This is due to the stress created
By neurosis,  psychosis,  guilt,  repression, anxiety, frustration and
Depression,  which are the by-products of our value, moral and ethical
     as the non-centered mind centers,  stress is eliminated,  thereby
Centering the body and eliminating the need for stress management.
     therefore,  do  no  be  concerned with  centering  the  body;  be
Concerned with centering the mind.   By centering the mind, biological
And mental tranquility will follow.
          freedom from desire
     we cannot have freedom from the imaginary prison of the cultural-
Existential mind without desiring it, although, paradoxically, the act
Of "desiring" freedom will keep us from being free.
     first we value, then we desire that which we value.  To eliminate
Desire, we must eliminate from the mind the need to value.
     if   we   desire   to   be  free   from   the   prison   of   the
Cultural/existential  mind,  we  must not place any importance on  the
Means or the end, for to value the means (zen) or the end (nirvana) is
To imprison ourselves hopelessly in desire.
     zen, by eliminating value, consequently eliminates desire.
     the  message  in  the biblical "book of genesis" as  the  key  to
Individual and social salvation.
     it states,  "do as you will in the garden of eden, but do not eat
From  the  tree of the knowledge of good and evil."  If we do eat  and
Thereby possess the knowledge of good and evil,  we will  consequently
Psychologically  separate ourselves from eden,  to suffer and to cause
Suffering  to others until we realize the error we  have  made.   Once
Realized, we must refuse to partake of the knowledge of good and evil,
The knowledge of which is the direct and only cause of human suffering
And conflict, thereby realizing eden once again.
     this  so called "banishment from eden" or "fall from eden through
The "gateless" gates of hell,"  is in actuality, a psychological break
With  reality,  with  all of the  confusion,  conflict  and  insanity,
Clinically associated with the schizophrenic personality.
          the christ spirit within
     the "second coming of christ" is ourselves as non-dualistic, non-
Judgemental, reality centered minds.
     the  so  called  "anti-christ" is none  other  than  christianity
Itself,  as  expressed  through its commitment to illusionary  values,
Morals and ethics and any practitioner thereof.
     christians,  by virtue of their commitment to illusionary values,
Morals  and  ethics,  which are the cause of all human  suffering  and
Conflict,  are  either  innocently or knowingly doing the work of  the
"satanistic" super-ego mind.
     belief  in christ is irrelevant.   That belief only blinds us  to
The truth of the matter, which is, "that we are to be the christ which
In essence we already are."
     free the christ mind imprisoned within by the "satanistic" super-
     the  zen teachings of guatama siddhartha-buddha.   (the so called
"four noble truths").
     (1)   to know that cultural/existential humanity suffers  and  to
Understand the nature of that suffering.
     suffering is defined as confusion,  conflict and insanity,  which
Is neurosis,  psychosis,  guilt,  repression,  anxiety,   frustration,
Depression, and the biological stress created by them.
     (2)  to know its cause.
     the   cause  of  suffering  is  our  affirmative  commitment   to
Illusionary  duality,  which is values,  morals and ethics,  which  is
Good and bad, right and wrong, ugly and beautiful, great and inferior,
     (3)  to know of its ending.
     the  end  of suffering and conflict is called nirvana,  which  is
Mind  at one with the tao/eden/reality,  which is mind free  from  the
Need  for values,  morals and ethics and the confusion,  conflict  and
Insanity created by them.
     (4)  to know the way thereto.
     to know that cultural humanity suffers, to know the cause of that
Suffering  and  thereby vigorously committing ourselves  to  eliminate
From the mind, the cause of that suffering, which is our commitment to
Illusionary duality, which is values, morals and ethics.
     buddhism,  as represented by its commitment to values, morals and
Ethics, is anti-buddha mind.
          the "aquarian age" and the "biblical millennium"
     the  aquarian  age is a term used to signify a time  of  absolute
Peaceful coexistence with self, others and nature.
     the  millennium is defined as an "age of peace" during which  the
"christ mind" is to inhabit the earth.
     the definitions for the aquarian age and the biblical millennium,
Are in essence the same.
     when  the  non-dualistic buddha/christ/reality mind is  realized,
The aquarian age and millennium will be realized, not before.
     the   "perfect"   non-dualistic  mind  is  neither  perfect   nor
     the  "perfect" mind is perfectly indifferent,  being neither  for
Nor against.
     this mind is neither proud nor humble, pure or impure.  
     the "perfect" mind has nothing to gain,  nothing to  lose,  needs
Nothing added, nothing subtracted.
     in reality, not a thing is more or less than perfect.
     the  buddha mind and the christ mind are "perfect" minds centered
In reality, nothing more, nothing less.
     as the foregoing facts are fully understood, we are enlightened.
     if  we  affimatively and aggressively commit  ourselves  to  this
Knowledge,  we have experienced satori.  Satori is the time spent from
The moment of our commitment to the elimination of all values,  morals
And ethics from the mind.
     consequently,  we  are on the path to a mind at one with the tao,
Which is the mind of buddha.
     consequently,  we  are  on the path to a mind at one  with  eden,
Which is the mind of a christ.
     consequently,  we are on the path to a mind at one with  reality,
Free  of  schizophrenic  illusions and  the  confusion,  conflict  and
Insanity created by them.
     all three minds described, being one and the same mind.
          in conclusion
     the way to individual and social sanity is not difficult.
     only  our  lack of desire for the truth concerning the  cause  of
Human  suffering and conflict and how to eliminate that cause from the
Mind, keeps us from it.
     there  is but one path.   All others lead to  further  confusion,
Conflict and insanity.
     we  must eliminate from the mind the culturally and existentially
Indoctrinated,  illusionary concepts of good and bad, right and wrong,
Ugly and beautiful, great and inferior, etc.
     we  must  eliminate from the mind all value,  moral  and  ethical
     in time our entire being will be at one with reality.
     the  need  will no longer exist  to  differentiate  judgementally
Between this and that.
     values,  morals  and ethics do not exist in the tao/eden/reality,
So refuse to take part in their use.
     follow  this path and you walk in absolute peace,  the  seeds  of
Confusion, conflict and insanity having been eliminated.
     this is the way and the teaching of zen, which is the way and the
Teaching  of the buddhas,  the christs,  and in time the  teaching  of
Educational  psychologists for the prevention of future  schizophrenic

     so that others may have the opportunity to read this work, please
Feel  free to copy and pass along this information.   Your cooperation
Is appreciated.   Thank you.
     for further communication or information contact
          zen encounters
         west          east
         box 282          alikakos
         roslyn, wa 98941          cass, wv  24927
Phone:   509-649-2360          304-456-4200

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