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Step 1 - Do as thorough a cleaning and organizing of the space as possible.

Step 2 - Turn off televisions, radios, and as many electrical appliances as possible.

Step 3 - Breathe deeply and fully to help you get centered. Focus your mind on your intention to clear and energize your space.

Step 4 - Place a clean burning, non-paraffin candle in the entryway, and in other key locations throughout the space.

Step 5 - Rock sea salt is cohesive and attracts stagnant energy or "sha chi". Sprinkle a line of salt across the main doorway and each entryway in the space. Also sprinkle a small amount in corners and cluttered areas.

Step 6 - Clapping stirs up stale and stagnant energy. Starting at the main entrance, begin clapping with hands outstretched. Move slowly around the perimeter of the room. Start by squatting close to the floor, and end with your hands over your head. Focus on cluttered areas. Be sure to clap around microwave ovens, computers, televisions, and other electrical equipment. Don't overlook corners. To be very thorough, you may open cabinets and closets and clap inside them as well.

Step 7 - Juniper is well known as a purifying herb. Light a juniper wand, and move slowly around the entire space, saturating the atmosphere with the cleansing smoke. Be sure to include the areas under tables and other furniture, in closets, and around all electronic equipment. Use enough to fully saturate the space.

Step 8 - Begin ringing the tingsha bells or singing bowl at a slow steady rhythm while moving around the space in the same pattern previously established. Move slowly and allow the sound of the bell to fully saturate the entire space.

Step 9 - Extinguish all candles. Collect up all your Space Clearing tools, to be thoughtfully stored and ready for a refresher when needed. It is highly recommended that you leave the rock salt in place for a 24 hour period, or at least as long as possible. Dispose of the salt after use.

You may notice, as you walk through your space, that objects seem to sparkle, colors seem brighter, and rooms seem to have taken on an overall glow. This is the result of successfully clearing out stale, stagnant and negative energy. You are perceiving something, that before now, you might not have thought possible.


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