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The Healing Touch of Love

Divine Touch of Healing Love

In this moment of deepest sacredness

I receive the touch of Your infinite Love,

Oh Spirit Divine, Lord of Heavens

You reach out to your child

with your immeasurable Love.

You pour the pure waters of Your holiness

into the clear river of perfection

that touches all Life born from You.

In stillness I receive You.

Your loving hands caress my head,

my skin, my every cell.

You have created the connection

with the Source of All there is.

I am soaked in the flow of Your Light.

Thank you for sending Your Angels

to watch over me, to protect my every step

to sustain me on the Path towards You.

I feel Your arms around my shoulders

Your smile dances in my heart

and makes me start a song of praise.

In harmony with heavenly laws,

with humanity and Universe,

my soul rejoices in the Oneness with You.

Your gift of Love is pure magic

and I treasure this moment of total merging.

You are Perfection and You are telling me

to trust Your Touch of Love and Peace.

The caress of your Divine breath

makes me shiver in delight

and I open my heart in deep devotion.

I dare not move in fear of missing

the intensity of Your strokes of Sweetness

and the beauty and vastness of this emotion.

Your Light surrounds and fills me now.

You are playing Your Divine tunes

through my heart and soul.

I am Your song now.

I am Your song now.


Dear friends I pray that all of you may experience this overwhelming touch of Divine love.
I felt in bad shape yesterday and suddenly in the core of the night I felt the Divine connection so strongly, it actually felt as if Spirit Divine poured His love and healing energy over me through my chakra number seven.
I was totally in awe and my heart is filled with immense gratitude for it KNOWS that we are always cared for!
My love to all of you.
I will be gone for a while, but we are heart connected and whenever possible I will peek in here.
God bless you all!
Love, Margherita Smile 2Hearts

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