The Challenge of the Highest Self

Go beyond the restriction of the physical plane. The purpose of the highest self is to assist you in this effort. You do this by creating an inner sanctuary that is yours and yours alone. Go to this silent inner retreat as often as you can, and let go of all attachments to the external world of the ego.

As you go to this sanctuary, a light will be born within you that you will come to know and respect. This light is your connection to the energy of manifestation. It is like taking a bath in pure light; you will feel this energy as you go silently within. This light is not of the earth plane. It will help you go beyond the physical world. Remember, you cannot go beyond the earth plane if you are still in it. The real you, the unseen you, can attract the energy of the sun, the wind and all that is celestial.

Refuse to defend yourself to anyone or anything on the earth plane. You must learn to stay within your higher energy pattern regardless of what goes before you in the material world. This means that you become like an unknown sage who refuses to lock horns with anything on this physical plane.

This is the challenge of the highest self. It is beyond the reality system that you identify as material and as form. Use your inner light for your alignment and allow those who disagree with that perspective to have their own points of view. You are at peace. You never explain, and you refuse to flaunt your energy. You know it, and that is enough for you.

[i]-Manifest Your Destiny, Wayne W. Dyer, pp 21-22

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

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