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We need to reduce stress in our lives to live longer.

Mindfulness is becoming more popular in the western world and this is for valid reasons. In fact, it is one of the best way to deal with stress. Mindfulness is described as the psychological process of bringing your attention to to the external and internal experiences happening in the present moment.

Regular physical activity is probably one of the most important habit you can to benefit your health. Exercise has a lot of positive outcomes such as weight control, prevention of illness and a lot more. Physical activity happens to be one of the effective ways to deal with stress and depression. 

Adequate sleep is crucial for daily function, general health and mental health. 

What happens to our bodies when we are stressed?

The effects of stress on our bodies are immense. The following are  examples of what can be affected by not properly managing stress.

  1. Immune system – if we are under prolonged stress, our immune system can be compromised making us susceptible to frequent infections. Even viral illnesses like the common cold and flu will be prevalent.

  1. Musculoskeletal system – stress affects our muscles. They tense up when we are stressed. This is the body's way of guarding itself against injury. With taut muscles, tension-type headaches are very common.

  1. Respiratory system – the heart beats faster when one is under stress. This in effect can trigger other conditions like asthma or panic attacks.

  1. Cardiovascular system – continued levels of high stress can have adverse effects on the heart and the other organs related to it. These could lead to problems with blood pressure, having adverse effects on other organs of the body.

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