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Reaching for the Light

"Reaching the light" by Christiane Dore (Canadian Artist)

Reaching for the Light

What kept me caged
in strings of sadness,
weighing me heavily down
in a granitic grip of gloom?
Why did I miss dawn’s call
for the new day’s celebration?
Voices forged by hell’s fire
drowned out the sweetness
of the awakening morn
and I lacked the energy
to raise my welcome song.
But while my heart slipped
close to the breaking point,
my soul sent a potent signal
of higher divine vibration
throughout my very core,
reminding me of my power:

You are a child of eternity!
Align with your God-self!

Beyond the noisy environment
peace beckons me into its orbit.
I deeply inhale particles of love
exhaling all trace of distress.
Airy lightness takes command
inducing a state of grace,
I feel the profound connection
to the higher spheres of life,
to the myriad of Angels,
to the omnipresent divine Light.
I raise my arms now to the sky
recognizing the gift of the day.
Ready to smile in gratitude
for the spark of celestial truth
that always finds the way
to manifest within my heart
whenever I lose sight
of who I really am:

A child of eternity,
born of the divine Light…

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