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Dear friends,

As the major media seems to have fallen into a scary black hole of terror this and terror that...

I feel reinvigorated when I share sacred time in these discussions and we project beauty, love, and positivity.

At least for me, I still sense that the world is a magical wonderful place with loving beings, like animals in nature on a beautiful meadow.

I feel sorrow for those people who only have the major media to inform them. They are bombarded with negative images and anger constantly.

Oh I pray, I pray deeply, that the major medias will turn back around to look at the beautiful things on this heaven we call Earth again.

We wish to sing and dance of your bountiful blessings! We yearn to share kind compassionate wisdoms! We live to project positive possibilities to awaken people to the gifts they already have, and how to joyfully share them with all.

In our own little ways we are bringing the brightest futures and sharing magnificent visions. I applaud you all greatly! Clap Clap

May our posts, poems, prayers and positivity be effective and helpful in showering all with good vibes and helpful healing love to make this place heaven. Amen.

Love, life and light, Teo Cool Cool Angel Ying Clown Wave

You can't force peace, only show it.
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