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Mis-heard song lyrics (Ode to m00nbeast)

Hi Friends,

m00nbeast made a post that brought back an old memory of mine, perhaps you have a story tell to..

I was eleven 11 years old, the year was 1981. I was in the back-seat of the family car, riding to God knows where???

A song came on th eradio, it had a funky little beat and I started singing along with the tune as best as I could.

I was only able to pick up the chorus, so I just sang the chorus at the risk of being a source of amusement for my sister.

I started singing.. "There are spirits.. in my my cereal" and the family cracked it. They were laughing and I didn't know why.

My sister said something about me being a moron an dthe song didnt say "There are spirits.. in my my ceral, woe" but rather the lyric was.. There are spirits, in the material world", By 'The Police'.

I am so sure there are more songs that I have misheard, and to tell the truth, sometimes my mis-understandings make much more sense than the actual lyric that was mis-translated.

ha ha, I guess my mom was right, I do hear what only what I would like to hear!!

Anybody else???



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