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Jane Goodall receives two honorary degrees

Jane Goodall the renowned primatologist and conservationist received two honorary degrees for her lifetime achievements . The degree of Doctor of Science from the University of Toronto and a Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Haifa. She was here in Toronto, Canada last week.

Goodall, 74, began her research into the behaviour of wild chimpanzees in Africa in 1960. The London- born anthropologist spent decades observing the chimps at Gombe and her work resulted in a new understanding of the species including their human-like use of tools and social interactions.

She continues her message of wildlife conservation. Through her years of studying wild chimpanzees in Tanzania's Gombe National Park she discovered her life's purpose was to make an even bigger difference and help save the earth. She says that anyone can make a difference just by paying attention to the consequences of their everyday actions.

Every village in Tanzania now is required by the government to make land management plans for forest protection because the human communities have encroached on the habitats of the chimpanzees and other animals.

"We have to do whatever we can, because there are only 100 chimps left," she said, speaking of the original three groups she brgan studying in the 60's.

When legendary scientist Jane Goodall first came to Tanzania more than 35 years ago to study the chimpanzees of Gombe National Park, the vast, flourishing forest teemed with apes. Today, the park is ravaged by logging, and home to only about 40 chimps, who live confined to a few protected square miles.

But the chimp population in Gombe remains abuzz with drama and intrigue. Of the many chimps Ms. Goodall got to know when she began her studies in 1960, just one — Fifi — is alive today. And Fifi’s two eldest sons, Freud and Frodo, are now locked in a power struggle over the title of top-ranking male, a conflict that is dominating life in the community.
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