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(1) Obrahmtala


The all experiencing itself is wrapping around to view itself being the seen seeing the seer.

Mind your wants because someone wants your mind.

When you are at the precipice before the highest, careful to not look down!

"Mind over matter, if you don't mind, it don't matter."

The unified field, the conscious all, can never be described in words because as soon as you name (and claim) it, it will move on as a necessity of itself's function of being unknowable.


Remember back to before the conflicts, when everything was in order and peaceful. Remember that a peaceful clear frame of mind is truly the only goal. Make effort to see how you keep your clear mental pictures even when dealing with negative environments and people, notice how things sometimes 'bring you down,' and how you 'keep yourself up.' Being 'in the world but not of it' is keeping your pure thoughts and feelings amid the firey madness, but mentaly not stepping out of the sacred circle; you can stay true to your blessed peace of mind.


Many scriptures and great works are known by their commentaries rather than the works themselves. We only know by 'word of mouth' what Jesus Christ is supposed to have said. Like the kids game 'telephone,' by the time what was said has been repeated a few times it often means something totally different!

Soji a guitarist friend said that when he wanted to learn guitar, he moved in with his teacher. This is the true method of learning, being with the teacher. No amount of written tradition can compete with oral tradition, or simply being with the teacher. In transmitting information it loses things in the translatoin.

Music, group meditation, group activities, these allow true connection with each other, and we can learn much more. The highest truths are not best when articulated, but when picked up 'by osmosis' when one is genuinely open and in the presence of wisdom.

In the clearest awareness is a peace and innate knowingness. The 'fruit of knowledge' takes us from this purity and innocence, but it is necessary to 'fall from grace' and learn how these languages try and communicate truths. This is lowering oneself from the allness, but is a necessary duty. Key is awareness of the lowering, and consciousness of the 'way back.'

(2) Ochunos:


I can get by with a little help from my friends.

What you want, wants you too.

We are only isolated and lonely when we choose to be.

Sometimes seeing yourself reflected in another's eyes is the clearest way to see yourself.

We can be each other's free therapists.

Instead of a left brain of spirit and right eye of body may we have one integrated vision.


Notice how much you can see your self in other people. Can you see your shortcomings? Your strengths and beauties? Cultivate them in others, it will also be cultivating them in your self.

Friendships allow us to expand by sharing and building upon things together. Notice how I am growing by you reading this, now I am also in your brain, what a joy!

When there are these 2 things: _trust and openness to listen_ then we can help each other solve our problems. Try it with someone. Allow them to get their problems "out of their heads" in words, and let them hear how they sound. Be impartial and just listen. Let them resolve things and figure it out for themselves.

Notice how people say "How are you?" but are not really wanting to hear it; make knowing about each other a growing and healing experience instead.

Envision the boundaries dissappearing as we have multiple awareness - but they are all of one.


I looked back, and some times there was only one set of footprints! Where did you go? "That was when I carried you."

We have the illusion of separation, for the sake of individual experiences. In reality, these are short times of forgetting that we are all one. We are ever-connected, but forget simply for the fun experience of having something to "bring back" and share.

It will be wonderful when we can collectively change the idea of social class and race into a useful way to sort out strengths.

(3) Shivalan:


"Hard Love."

See what you are saying. Hypervisionally.

It is better to once be an egoist than to allow injustice.

Wanting less is having more.

"The tears of a clown, when noone's around."


Try being so quiet, so that when you finally do say something it has weight and gets attention.

As some would say: "Shut up and get to the point!"

They say to think before you speak, I say think throughout the whole process, hear how your thoughts sound when you utter them. Could you have uttered them more effectively?

Could the truth be transmitted not by focusing on the truth but on making the listener find the truth themselves?


(4) Thothermila:


Take the middle path.

Synthegration is synthesizing parts together.

Unidiversity is uniting in our diversity.

4 is the center of 7, 3 above, 3 below.


See every experience in one of the 3 phases: Brahma positive, Vishnu resolving, Shiva negative.

Notice the spiritual level, or simply the vibrational level (higher colors in the rainbow are higher frequency just as "higher" notes are higher frequency) of any person, place or thing.


Scientists now know that an observable event is changed by there being an observer, and the observer is critical to the viewable event's equation. Unheard does a tree falling make a sound? The integration of supposed opposites or different things is all in a frame of mind.

There is a sacred law of 3: positive, negative, and resolving. You can also look at it as Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

There is a sacred law of 7: Seven colors in the rainbow. Seven endocrine glands in the human - each right where the so called chakras are. Seven notes in a scale, seven octaves to the piano etc..

(5) Ramanifest:


You are a member of your ancestry.

How do you really feel about it? Deep down?

Can you "swallow" that?


When you have to make a decision, mentally swallow the idea, see if it settles in your stomach.


Can one know something so well that they feel it's truth?

(6) I-think-I-canary: Archetyping, medicine wheel, alignments - relations - oppositions...


I and I can mean we are all I's (or eyes) of the larger I (or eye).

Isn't it great how integrate sounds like "i'nt i' great?"



Here we take the reader on their individual spirit guide (or principle) quest.

(7) God: Judeo-Christian, Mana, Karma, being...




Here we discuss what coexisting will require.

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