Holy Wholeness - a work in progress

Holy Wholeness

Sacred lessons to wellbeing.

These are 7 areas that I will be 'fleshing in' with exercises and practices to help people be balanced. This is 'in process' and unfinished, but I am using this area to develop these projects / products. Suggestions are welcome! Applause

(1) Obrahmtala: Mind control, states of mind, tools, awakening...

(2) Ochun: Joining, therepizing, organness...

(3) Shiva: Detachment, wanting less is having more, out of ___ experiences, true truth...

(4) Thothermila: Sacred laws of three and seven classes, multi___, central focus...

(5) Rama: Stomach nerve unwinding and manufacturing, ancestor appropriateness, touching feelings...

(6) Personal Parakeet: Archetyping, medicine wheel, alignments - relations - oppositions...

(7) God: Judeo-Christian, Mana, Karma, being...

Again, this is a sketch of a wellness system I am developing. Each will be filled in with practices and lessons.

I see it as a booklet, small enough to fit in a hip pocket, somehow organized so that exercises for needed energies will be easy for a person to get to and use. For example: if a person is interested in love or companionship type things, the Ochun area will have writings and empowering exercises to help this desire. If a person is interested in making rules or laws, the God area will go over that kind of stuff.

I am trying to make a flow, so that from the outline various sub-sections are logically placed, so that for example:

Thothermila, Guides

Will be where information on finding one's spirit guide (or principle) is located. I feel drawn to break each section into 7 sub-sections, thereby a book of 49 classes of aligning. The 50th lesson will likely be "how to use this." --Though having 3 sub-sections for each is probably better, totalling 21 which sounds attainable eh? he he.. jester Juggle

I'm sort of combining a musical sciences approach (7 octaves of 7 tones) and my own efficiency consulting which is good for breaking down tasks into logical sub-tasks. Overall I am using this area to post and discuss my approach to how this world can be (is) heaven at once. Once people come to a more mature understanding of our oneness, how parts joyfully fit together, even when "agreeing to disagree," there is no need for the levels of sadness and unfulfilledness that we are all bothered by in the news.

Hoping to help us come together for a better future!

And so it is. Amen. Love n light, Teo Book Book Bounce Bounce

Teo's presence: Givnology forums, freeboards, tradigital music, Third Millennium Thinking, new media

May we have enough compassion so that people with solutions for us all can bring them to us without fear
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