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Reply to "Happiness and healing methods"

From the time we are Born, the feeling of giving and sharing is all we know. As we grow older, a conditional life is applied to the original Thought, thus hiding the true emotions we've always have since the Creation of the Universe.

The growth we experience throughout our lifetime is the struggle in regaining our awareness of the true feelings we have towards each other. This struggle is due to the reality we remember, which in turn conflicts in most cases with the morality of mankind. This is the experience we feel in a world of antonyms, and because of that, a process of recovery is taking place. 
Most people don't realize that the sensation of loss is a common effect due to an action that took place. This effect is felt by everyone regardless of who we are or what we do. It's a negative effect which is results in pain. The opposite of this is happiness.

So what is pain? The sensation of loss is the decrease of the energy or strength we have. This weakness of strength is a major cause of the deterioration of our Spiritual and physical health. The reasons for this are many, as each individual has his/her own issues. However, the most common reason for this negative feeling is the lack of understanding of the meaning of happiness.

To explain this recovery process better, in the following pages I define the meaning of Happiness and certain healing methods.
Thank you again Teo.
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