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Dreamwalking, love-filled thoughts, aging beautifully

Sending out ripples
If you throw a stone into a pool of water, it sends ripples out in all directions. So it is with your thoughts. Every thought, every sensation sends out vibrations into the universe. Our minds are often so full of confused, contradictory thoughts that all we send out is myriad ripples that cancel each other out. When this happens, we have very little influence upon the world around us. If, however, you simplify your life, your thinking becomes much less complex, so the thoughts you send out into the universe have a much greater effect.

If you put out only beautiful, love-filled thoughts into the universe, not only will you attract more beauty into your own life, but you will bring beauty into the lives of others - and that has the power to change lives. All the great teachers of the world have tried to pass on this simple truth, yet still it seems to elude humankind. It is so simple, we fail to see it. You really do create your own reality through the power of your mind. Think beautiful thoughts and you will see the beauty in everything. Think ugly, selfish thoughts and all you will see is suffering and pain. You are what you think.

Keeping on growing
Every day brings you thousands of opportunities to learn and grow. Everything you experience is significant and has wisdom to impart to you. If you open your mind and quieten its chatter, you will find that each day you become wiser, better, and stronger. Growing older should mean growing wiser and more beautiful, not becoming senile and miserable. If you teach yourself to learn day by day, you will be at one with this beautiful universe that we inhabit and, no matter what your age, people will marvel at your beauty.

No wise person ever wished to be younger

The Ten Commandments of Dreamwalking
  • Show respect for all inhabitants of the Earth.
  • Talk less, listen more.
  • Look after your body - it is the temple of the mind.
  • Criticize less, praise more.
  • Take full responsibility for all your actions.
  • Speak only truth, act only with honesty.
  • Worry less, work harder.
  • Do always what you know to be right.
  • Frown less, laugh more.

Thinking beautiful thoughts and looking on life as an exciting and enriching experience will bring out the beauty and happiness within you.

From: Dreams, Transform your life through the power of your dreams, Andy Baggott, page 122-123


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