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Reply to "Brainy Animals"

Thank you so much dear Inda for this post. I am certain that these beautiful animals and others too are at a high position of evolution. I firmly believe that they also have a soul and will continue to exist consciously on another level after death.
My deepest hope is that people may respect animals (and all life), in order not to hurt them. We should allow them to build a relationship of mutual respect and love with their co-inhabitants of planet Earth, with US humans, who in so many cases are extremely cruel with animals.
Sometimes I happen to watch documentaries about animals and about the horrible treatments they receive by humans and I simply can't forget, those images follow me ...
Yes elephants remember! A Mother Elephant (in an Asian country)who during all her life had been tortured by her owners, has killed her offspring and scientists say she has done it to avoid such a miserable life to her baby. Yes she was conscious of herself and she suffered extremely. In that country there is now an organization who buys from those abusive owners the poor elephants and cures and saves them.
Oh the playful dolphins! What beauty! And they too are threatened especially in Asia ... they are highly intelligent animals and have such a trustful attitude towards humans.
It's sufficient to look into the eyes of a gorilla to establish a true contact.
May we preserve the habitat of all of these animals and go on with our researches in order to understand always better WHO THEY REALLY ARE ... God's creations who deserve all our love.

Margherita Yes Kiss 2Hearts
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