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Reply to "Beethoven's idealist Ninth Symphony, 'Ode to Joy!'"

Text of the Ode to Joy as published by Frederich Schiller in 1785

Ode To Joy

1 Joy, beautiful spark of Gods,
2 Daughter of Elysium,
3 We enter, fire-imbibed,
4 Heavenly, thy sanctuary.
5 Thy magic powers re-unite
6 What custom's sword has divided
7 Beggars become Princes' brothers
8 Where thy gentle wing abides.

9 Be embraced, millions!
10 This kiss to the entire world!
11 Brothers - above the starry canopy
12 A loving father must dwell.
13 Whoever has had the great fortune,
14 To be a friend's friend,
15 Whoever has won the love of a devoted wife,
16 Add his to our jubilation!
17 Indeed, whoever can call even one soul
18 His own on this earth!
19 And whoever was never able to must creep
20 Tearfully away from this circle.

21 Those who dwell in the great circle,
22 Pay homage to sympathy!
23 It leads to the stars,
24 Where the Unknown reigns.
25 Joy all creatures drink
26 At nature's bosoms;
27 All, Just and Unjust,
28 Follow her rose-petalled path.
29 Kisses she gave us, and Wine,
30 A friend, proven in death,
31 Pleasure was given (even) to the worm,
32 And the Cherub stands before God.

33 You bough down, millions?
34 Can you sense the Creator, world?
35 Seek him above the starry canopy.
36 Above the stars He must dwell.
37 Joy is called the strong motivation
38 In eternal nature.
39 Joy, joy moves the wheels
40 In the universal time machine.
41 Flowers it calls forth from their buds,
42 Suns from the Firmament,
43 Spheres it moves far out in Space,
44 Where our telescopes cannot reach.

45 Joyful, as His suns are flying,
46 Across the Firmament's splendid design,
47 Run, brothers, run your race,
48 Joyful, as a hero going to conquest.
49 As truth's fiery reflection
50 It smiles at the scientist.
51 To virtue's steep hill
52 It leads the sufferer on.
53 Atop faith's lofty summit
54 One sees its flags in the wind,
55 Through the cracks of burst-open coffins,
56 One sees it stand in the angels' chorus.

57 Endure courageously, millions!
58 Endure for the better world!
59 Above the starry canopy
60 A great God will reward you.
61 Gods one cannot ever repay,
62 It is beautiful, though, to be like them.
63 Sorrow and Poverty, come forth
64 And rejoice with the Joyful ones.
65 Anger and revenge be forgotten,
66 Our deadly enemy be forgiven,
67 Not one tear shall he shed anymore,
68 No feeling of remorse shall pain him.

69 The account of our misdeeds be destroyed!
70 Reconciled the entire world!
71 Brothers, above the starry canopy
72 God judges as we judged.
73 Joy is bubbling in the glasses,
74 Through the grapes' golden blood
75 Cannibals drink gentleness,
76 And despair drinks courage--
77 Brothers, fly from your seats,
78 When the full rummer is going around,
79 Let the foam gush up to heaven*:
80 This glass to the good spirit.

81 He whom star clusters adore,
82 He whom the Seraphs' hymn praises,
83 This glass to him, the good spirit,
84 Above the starry canopy!
85 Resolve and courage for great suffering,
86 Help there, where innocence weeps,
87 Eternally may last all sworn Oaths,
88 Truth towards friend and enemy,
89 Men's pride before Kings' thrones--
90 Brothers, even it if meant our Life and blood,
91 Give the crowns to those who earn them,
92 Defeat to the pack of liars!

93 Close the holy circle tighter,
94 Swear by this golden wine:
95 To remain true to the Oath,
96 Swear it by the Judge above the stars!
97 Delivery from tyrants' chains,
98 Generosity also towards the villain,
99 Hope on the deathbeds,
100 Mercy from the final judge!
101 Also the dead shall live!
102 Brothers, drink and chime in,
103 All sinners shall be forgiven,
104 And hell shall be no more.

105 A serene hour of farewell!
106 Sweet rest in the shroud!
107 Brothers--a mild sentence
108 From the mouth of the final judge!
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