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Artificial breathing: holding breath a certain time

I repeat, our organism is a very complicated apparatus. It has many organs with processes of different tempos and with different needs. You must either change everything or nothing. Otherwise, instead of good you might do harm.

Numerous illnesses arise just from this artificial breathing. In many cases it leads to enlargement of the heart, constriction of the windpipe, or damage to the stomach, liver, kidneys or nerves.

It very rarely happens that anyone who practices artificial breathing does not harm himself irraparable, and this rare case occurs only if he stops in time. Whoever does it for a long time invariably has deplorable results.

If you know every small screw, every little pin of your machine, only then can you know what you must do. But if you just know a little and experiment, you risk a great deal, because the machine is very complicated. There are many tiny screws which might easily be broken by a strong shock and which cannot afterwards be brought in any shop.

Therefore--since you have asked me for it--my advice to you is: stop your breathing exercises.

-Meetings With Remarkable Men, page 189


This reminds me of when a friend recently encouraged me to do "fire breath" which is fast in and out breathing. I had seen it done in an old 60s Woodstock video too. While he was puffing himself delirious, I did the only breath exercise I do: slow deep breaths to help attain a relaxed state.

Longer deeper breaths I believe to be helpful - in fact, what I do sometimes is listen and simply count my heartbeats for each in - hold - out - hold breaths, forcing nothing but just counting. As a musician I have the advantage that if I can't hear some beats, I still have the pulse in my head for counting.

I believe that this "artificial breathing," deep long breaths are fine for the system. Comments?

Love and light being, Teo Cloud9 Cloud9

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

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