Giving More Love

To live in harmony and peace with each other and to help ourselves and others to fulfil our unique purpose in life we must be able to give more love to one another.

Love heals everything, whether it is emotional or physical. Love sustains humans, animals, nature and the whole planet.

The thruth of own own reality is unconditional love. We can never run out of love, but we don't always give enough love.

When we realize that we are all the same 'Self'
we will be able to see God in every face and we will know that love is the very essence of life.

Many persons feel so far away from God, and when they think of deity at all, they think of it as a being somewhere off in space. But God is difficult to reach only because you make it so with your wrong conceptions of your separateness from Him. You should take the great consciousness into every part and act of your life.
~Ernest Holmes
Original Post
Thank you dear Inda. Yes you are so right we should always be aware of being One ... love regenerates itself, when we share it.
And still there are so many moments when we do not understand each other ... love does heal yes. May we not wait for the others to reach out to us, but let us love them unconditionally, not expecting anything back.

God resides within
you and me and everywhere
it's His gift of Love

You see you have inspired me. Thank you for your love dear Inda, always you shine bright!
I love you. Margherita Smile

Jesus on a hill .....He taught us how to love.


I’m open to love
my heart invites you to dance
come share my delight

senryu by Margherita
Thank you Margherita.
You always inspire me.

May we remember to share a little more unconditional love with every being that we encounter because we will always be looking at the face of God.

God is love.
Love is God.


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This is so beautiful!

I'm reminded of the saying, something like:

A candle can light 1000 candles, and it doesn't lessen it's flame at all.

This is beautiful LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE all around, Teo Cool Cool Angel2 Rat Bunny Love2 Bounce Hula sweety Ladysman Yum Tweety Angel Yes Cat2

"Truth is fragile, as glass, but it can shine for all time!" - Use Art To Say Something

Mind your wants, because somebody wants your mind! - George Clinton.

Forgive my thinking I have something valuable to say to you, I just love you so much...

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